19 Cats And Dogs Who Have Perfected Being Cats And Dogs

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These 19 cats and dogs have really got the whole cat and dog thing down.

1. "Our cat living her best life. Pod cat."

2. "Happy 1st birthday, Fenris! 🥳🎂"

3. "Pixel is a very good kitty.. unless you try to take your socks back."

4. "Guess who pulled the mini dustpan out from behind the radiator and took a nap in it"

5. A cat in a bag!

5. There's a reason it's called catnip.

6. This look:



Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. Being super spoiled.

8. Knowing how a leash works.

9. Getting comfy.

10. "Someone discovered peanut butter comes in pupsicle form today 😂"

11. We don't know just what this kitten is doing, but he's very good at whatever it is.

12. Asking for food, both the dog and cat way.

13. Wearin' hats.

14. This is the sort of wholesome content we are here for.

15. Making people play with dangly things.

16. Pouncing.

17. Sitting on the furniture like they own the place.

18. Eating fishies.

19. Finding cool sticks.


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