19 Cats And Dogs Who Have Perfected Being Cats And Dogs

These 19 cats and dogs have really got the whole cat and dog thing down.

1. This luxurious napper.

2. Puppy wiggles perfected!

3. Our favorite band, Tenacious C.

4. Napping, creatively.

5. A cat in a bag!

5. There's a reason it's called catnip.

6. This look:

Cat sitting weird
credit: nindustries


7. Being super spoiled.

8. Knowing how a leash works.

9. Getting comfy.

10. Enjoying a fancy dog treat.

11. We don't know just what this kitten is doing, but he's very good at whatever it is.

12. Asking for food, both the dog and cat way.

Cat and dog begging for food
credit: Hoppscott

13. Wearin' hats.

Dog wearing a hat
credit: AskEverything

14. The art of intimidation.

15. Making people play with dangly things.

16. Pouncing.

Cat in mid air
credit: yall_cray

17. Sitting on the furniture like they own the place.

18. Eating fishies.

19. Finding cool sticks.