20 Cute Pets With Serious Skills

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Besides being adorable, these pets have some impressive skills.

1. Floatin'.

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2. Playing with two fun cat toys at once. Clever!

3. Hiding.

4. Fetch, but make it slow.

5. Attack, but make it cute.

6. Squeezing into small spaces.

7. He doesn't need thumbs.

8. He's good at finding a bargain.

9. Pouncing practice makes perfect!

10. Giving expert massages.

11. Tracking bugs.

12. Popping bottles! 🍾

The service in this restaurant is ​fantastic​.


13. Babysitting.

14. This kitten is good at sneak attacks.

15. Opening mail and correspondence

16. He caught his tail on the first try!

17. Uh, never mind.

18. These kittens are good at their kitten lessons.

19. This hamster is very smart and is in high demand as a tutor.

20. This sommelier is happy to help you pick out a bottle of wine.


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