19 Cats Happily Chilling in Sinks

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Cats love the mantra, "if I fits, I sits," and they look darn cute doing it.

1. Dignified sink-sitting with a bowtie on.

2. "Hey, do not disturb, please."

3. This is a great spot for sleeping.

4. Just hanging out.

5. "What you lookin' at?"

6. "Leave me alone."

7. "Oh. Hi."

8. "This is my spot now."

9. So cozy.

10. "You look surprised to see me."

11. "I'll do the dishes this time."

12. "Comfier than my bed."

13. "Just don't turn on the water."

14. The sink is a good place to contemplate life.

15. "I finally found a comfy spot."

16. "You're bothering me."

17. "What do you mean I can't sit here?"

18. This is the life.

19. "Want something?"


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