18 Cats Who Are Trying Out for a Talent Show

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Your cat may scoff at you when you try to teach them a new trick, but behind your back, they've been practicing their skills. These cats have their acts together and are ready to try out for a talent show!

1. Talent: Piano

3. Talent: Art (colored pencil, marker)

4. Talent: Stealth (camouflage category)

5. Talent: Ninja skills

6. Talent: Songwriting

7. Talent: Cosmetology

8. Talent: Exotic dance

9. Talent: Stealth (silent observer category)

10. Talent: Veterinary medicine

11. Talent: Modeling

12. Talent: Composing

13. Talent: Modern dance

14. Talent: Seasonal decorations

15. Talent: Art (watercolor, gouache)

16. Talent: Human impersonation

17. Talent: Yodeling

18. Talent: Tiny ears


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