18 Delightful Kitties You Seriously Don't Want To Miss

Don't worry, there's a cat somewhere on this list for even the choosiest of cat lovers.

1. "Hmm, yes, the perfect spot."

2. Have fearsome predators ever looked so adorable?

3. Sometimes the world feels like a dark place, but then there's this.

4. "Is this some kind of joke to you?"

5. Majestic.

6. Yes, this is a real cat. For real.

7. Who taught who?

8. Look at this genius! She doesn't even have opposable thumbs!

9. Wow. Shocking.

10. "Soon..."

11. The bigger the cat, the better the boop.

12. When your friend is telling you a dumb story with a surprise twist.

13. Bottom cat is shook.

14. "Psst, pupper. You awake yet?"

15. Even if they could read...

16. So apparently you can't play fetch with everything.

17. Insert cartoon boi-oi-oing sound effect here.

18. Finders, sleepers.