18 Delightful Kitties You Seriously Don't Want To Miss

Don't worry, there's a cat somewhere on this list for even the choosiest of cat lovers.

1. "Hmm, yes, the perfect spot."

Cat laying on piece of pizza
credit: Imgur

2. Have fearsome predators ever looked so adorable?

3. Sometimes the world feels like a dark place, but then there's this.

Cat in denim jacket
credit: Twitter

4. "Is this some kind of joke to you?"

Black cat looking unimpressed by black cat slippers.
credit: Tumblr

5. Majestic.

Cat with a drawing of buck teeth held over its mouth
credit: Imgur

6. Yes, this is a real cat. For real.

7. Who taught who?

8. Look at this genius! She doesn't even have opposable thumbs!

Cat with two Rubik's Cubes
credit: Facebook

9. Wow. Shocking.

Kitten falling into a bathtu
credit: Imgur

10. "Soon..."

11. The bigger the cat, the better the boop.

12. When your friend is telling you a dumb story with a surprise twist.

13. Bottom cat is shook.

Cat standing on other cat's head
credit: Facebook

14. "Psst, pupper. You awake yet?"

15. Even if they could read...

Cat sleeping on couch next to a sign asking people not to sit on the couch
credit: Imgur

16. So apparently you can't play fetch with everything.

17. Insert cartoon boi-oi-oing sound effect here.

18. Finders, sleepers.

Cat sleeping on a dog bed that fell out of a window
credit: Reddit