23 Blurry Photos of Cats We Can't Stop LOLing At

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To quote hip-hop legends Run-D.M.C., these pet pics aren't bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good.

Can dogs see cats?

Video of the Day

1. "Can we have a low-quality cat pic chain? I want to see your failed attempts at taking pictures"

2. "Not gonna lie.. I had to stare at this for a good 10 seconds before I figured out what was going on lol"

3. "Delete that or I'll poop on your bed"

4. "His name is Poptart and he yawns with his eyes open."

5. "I was trying to get an amazing closeup of a friend's kitten and she yawned😅"

6. "Everything came together for this one just right"

7. "I caught my cat phase shifting into another dimension again."

8. "One of mine phasing back into our timeline"

9. "She wanted nothing to do with my Mister Fantastic Reed Richards arm"

10. "My face when bitcoin falls 20% in an hour"

11. "Caught him at just the right moment flossing his peets"

12. "Seconds before the exorcism"

13. "Legit thought this was a scene from that animated sci-fi Keanu Reeves flick"

(Ed's note: That would be 2006's ​A Scanner Darkly​.)


Video of the Day


14. "🎵You spin me right 'round, baby / Right 'round🎵"

15. "Yo you got games on your phone"

16. "Does this fit with this thread?"

17. "I will never not love this shot of my baby and his big chaos energy"

18. "The perfect cat picture doesn't exi----"

19. "Cat go brrrrrr is my new favorite mood"

20. "He's transcending, he's magical"

21. Me: "Cats are so graceful" Cats:

22. "My demon boi"

23. "Onward peasant, I demand chunky chicken"

The takeaway here: One photographer's trash is another cat lover's treasure! Or something like that. :-p

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