18 Cats That Do Not Care If You Have To Pee

They are not moving from your lap.

1. How dare you even consider waking this sleeping angel?

2. "Me move? Surely you're joking."

Very cute cat sitting in someone's lap
credit: JToady

3. I hope you're comfy because you are not moving for many, many hours.

4. This cat is deeply offended that you're even considering standing up.

Cat sitting on lap
credit: RandomGoat

5. This is where you live now because that cat is not getting up anytime soon.

Cat fast asleep on a lap
credit: burndtdan

6. Maybe you can ask Santa to bring you a second lap because this one is occupied.

Cat fast asleep on lap
credit: Fourhand

7. "I'm the baby now."

Cat sitting in lap like a baby
credit: dslave

8. Look at how comfy he is on your lap! His little nose is all tucked in! Only a monster would disturb him. You're not a monster, are you?

9. She better just sit there until those kittens are grown up.

Cat gave birth on a lady's lap!
credit: gustofer

10. "I hear you're thinking about getting up."

11. Nope. Not today.

Cat super asleep on a lap
credit: DenHvner

12. She is shocked and appalled that you would get up to pee when she is gracing your lap with her presence. Shocked!!

Cat in a lap
credit: FlamingGranny

13. She knows what you're thinking.

Cat snuggled up in lap
credit: juuheli

14. Hello you are now officially a cat bed.

Cat asleep on lap
credit: KaraWitham

15. Look at those little toe beans and tell us you need to get up. We didn't think so.

16. If you get up we are calling PETA on you.

Sweet kitten asleep in lap
credit: sampants23

17. She's worried you're gonna get up but we know that you wouldn't dare.

18. LOL just try and get up to pee.

Gigantic cat asleep on a lady's lap
credit: heybanangirl