18 Pets Who Are More Patient Than We Are

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These long-suffering pets are the most patient creatures on planet Earth (we can't speak for other planets).

1. "Okay, but why?"

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2. The quick brown fox jumps over the patient cat.

3. A cupholder unlike any other.

4. This pup is v. accommodating.

5. "No, it's fine, take as many selfies as you want. Walkies can wait."

6. "Yes, this is what it feels like to have fur."

7. We don't ordinarily condone leaving dogs in cars, but since the windows are down, it's probably okay.

8. "There better be a heckin' lot of tuna in my bowl tonight."

9. No, but seriously, can he has cheezburger? And if so, when?

10. Step 1: Purchase a label maker. Step 2: Label the label maker. Step 3:

11. "Feels kind of reductive, but okay."

12. This cat is a TV dinner tray.

13. Years of deep breathing exercises prepared her for this.

14. "Any moment now, I'm sure of it."

15. She can count (patiently) to twenty-four.

16. "Haha, very funny. I know that was you, Dave."

17. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Pets. Aren't. Presents.

18. Good boy, or goodest boy?