The Very Best Dog Photos From 'In The Mugshot' Challenge

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In the canine criminal justice system, all good boys and good girls are innocent until proven guilty, either by paw-fession, flea bargain, or trial jury consisting of cats. [EXTREME DUN, DUN SOUND EFFECT]

1. "Terry flashing his resting bulldog face as he waits for bail to be posted #mugshotchallenge"

(Whatever it was, he's not sorry.)


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "NO, officer, I did not partake in any illegal substance, but I would love to partake in those Doritos on your desk. #mugshotchallenge."

3. "Counsel enters into evidence Photograph 3B, which confirms the suspect, Muffin, attempted to flee with stolen property despite having brand new toys. #mugshotchallenge"

4. "Perp: Emmi

Arresting officer: Moms


'Alleged' criminal infraction: Digging UNDER a garden fence to escape the backyard. Then just trotting around the neighborhood everywhere. THIS IS HER FACE WHEN WE FOUND HER. As you can see, the suspect demonstrated zero remorse for her actions. #mugshotchallenge

Sentence: No longer being able to enjoy any part of the yard that isn't the fenced backyard (now 6 ft).


Duration: FOR LIFE."

5. '"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.' Peach ready to claim his title in the #mugshotchallenge"

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6. "Is it the #mugshotchallenge or the #meanmugshot challenge? This was the impatient look Indigo gave me when I was slow throwing the stick.😂"

7. "Koda doing his best Mickey Knox impersonation from 'Natural Born Killers.' #mugshotchallenge

Judge: "What's the charge?" Lawyer: "Your honor, he was arrested for being entirely too cool."


8. "I peed a little lake and then rolled around in it. I am sorry. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 🤮 #mugshotchallenge"

9. "Suspect: Miss Maverick-Jean 💗 Crime: Charged w/prepping for pawdicure in mom's drink 😄 #mugshotchallenge"

The accused has plead not guilty due to being the "goodest boi". The court denies this motion and will proceed with vigorous investigation by way of making sure the cookie jar lid is always intact.



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11. "On Wednesday, March 31, 2021 around 8pm EST, suspect Kona, 3-year-old sable German Shepherd jumped off the bed and ran down the hall.

Mom subsequently discovered a "leaf"-like object on her bed only to find it was POOP! After washing her hands, Mom placed the contaminated bedspread into the washing machine on a high temp sanitize cycle.


After all the chaos quieted down, Mom couldn't find her phone. Without any help of the suspect, Mom searched for the phone. It was then located inside the running washing machine and has been placed in evidence lockup, inside a sealed container of rice- it is not expected to provide us with any usable data due to the length of time and temperature of water it was exposed to.


While evidence of the infraction has been lost, the defendant still currently awaits a verdict on the charges of destruction of property, not assisting in recovery of missing items, and jumping back up onto the bed before it was able to be remade. #mugshotchallenge"

12. "Duke is accused of murdering Mr. Bunny. Duke was the last person to see the victim alive, while dragging him by the ear. Fifteen minutes later, Officer Mom was called to the gruesome scene. The victim would later be identified as Mr. Bunny. Duke has issued a plea of not guilty, claiming the evidence is circumstantial and that Mr Bunny simply imploded. #mugshotchallenge"

13. "Cut those motherpupping treats in half again, I dare you #mugshotchallenge"

14. "At exactly 2:07pm, the alleged offender was recorded on surveillance cameras burying the deceased victim's body in the backyard. #mugshotchallenge"

15. When the #mugshotchallenge turns into the #pugshot challenge.

"Name: Potato


Charge: Disturbing the Peace

Incident: Suspect is alleged to have needlessly adopted an aggressive stance barking loudly at the neighbors while they were bring groceries in from their car. Suspect is now temporarily detained behind bars."

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16. "Below is the guilt ridden face of the offender!!"

"Typically when the baby girl needs help to get something or do something she comes and sits and stares at her mama and puts her paw up.

Well, today she brought me her treat ball and acted like the treats were stuck. She's done this before as they sometimes get wedged together.

So mama dutifully stuck her finger in the ball and dislodged them, got one out and she gobbled it right up.

Mama threw the ball and she brought it straight back complaining that it was stuck again. Odd because it's never happened consecutively, but ok then!


It wasn't until the 3rd time that Mama cottoned on that the little turd blossom was just being lazy!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #mugshotchallenge"

17. "Charges: 1 count of breaking and entering on Stroopwafels; 1 count of aggravated consumption of Dad’s Stroopwafels. #mugshotchallenge"

"Accused has entered a plea of Not Guilty by reason of having only eaten breakfast an hour ago. He has also moved to have the charges dismissed on the account that only his sister Fifi witnessed the event and she refuses to testify. The Court of Mom and Dad has determined the case will proceed based on the substantial physical evidence against the Accused, and the motion is denied."

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