18 Dogs You'll Be Glad You Saw Today

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These dogs are too cute for us to keep to ourselves. We can't handle the cute. Please send help.

1. Surprise!

2. Move along, folks.

3. "Hold on, there are still leftovers in here!"

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4. Rude.

5. How to beat the summer heat: be this dog.

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6. Fluffy cloud does a rainbow

7. Clearly this dock is too short.

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8. "Am I some kind of joke to you?"

9. When you really, really, really, really love snow.

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10. "Why have you betrayed me?"

11. Here are the six reasons you need a bigger bed.

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12. Backup dancer in training

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13. They were playing Twister, but they got sleepy.

14. Stop filming and pet that tummy already!

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15. "You missed a comma."

16. First time at the dog park, and you'll never believe who showed up wearing the exact same outfit.

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17. That's the wrong leg, buddy.

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18. Action shot!