5 Things You're Doing That Make Your Cat Angry

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Cats are sensitive creatures, and let's face it, sometimes we humans can be the cause of some of their annoyance. That's right, we might be making our feline friend mad, and not even know it. So just to help out your cat, who can't exactly tell you what you are doing that is so frustrating, we've compiled a list of things that you do that can make your cat angry.

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1. Disturbing a comfy cat

When you shoo a cat from their chair or sit with them when they are all curled up and comfortable, this can really tick off your kitty. How many times have you sat with your cat and they have looked up at you perturbed and hurried off in a huff? Cats are very independent, and when they want alone time they want alone time. So interrupting them in the midst of their comfort is quite maddening for your feline friend. Give them their space when they want it, and soon enough they will come over and snuggle you when they are ready.

2. Leaving and arriving home late

Cats are actually fairly aware of the passage of time, even though they don't necessarily understand the clock. But they know when things are supposed to happen! When you leave the house in a frenzy, or arrive home guiltily late and upset, this can throw off your cat. Not only have you thrown off the schedule that you have set up for them, but you are now bringing a ton of bad emotions in or out and that is upsetting for your cat! So make sure to leave and arrive with some joy and happy greetings to let your cat know everything is OK. (Even if you are a bit late.)


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3. Loud noises in the home

Cats aren't just emotionally sensitive, but physically sensitive too. They can smell, hear and see much better than we can. So when we play our music too loud, or have the volume of the TV cranked up high, that can be terribly unpleasant for our cats. Too many aggressively loud noises can cause anxiety in your cat, so be aware of the noises in the vicinity and keep your cat in mind when deciding on a volume for your TV show or music.


4. Being ignored

Yes, when cats are independent and doing their own thing, leave them alone, but they still want attention sometimes! If you never give them snuggles or play with them when they want to play, this is very hurtful and upsetting for your cat. So be sure to set aside time to be with them. When they jump in your lap, don't automatically push them off. Try to take a break from what you're doing, if possible, and give them the affection they are asking for.

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5. A messy home

Your cat is a very clean animal. Have you noticed how often they are grooming themselves throughout the day? If you leave a mess on their favorite sitting chair, that can be very disturbing to your cat's routine. If you leave a bunch of old take-out on the table for too long, your cat is going to smell that much more than you do and be upset by it. And if you leave their litter box uncleaned for too long...be ready for some real wrath from your cat. Do your best to keep your home clean for your cat! They can't clean up after you, and you're the one with thumbs and the ability to open the trash can. It's not just your home, after all.


Be sure to keep your cat in mind as you go about your daily activities. They are beings too, and not just your roommate, but your family. Family can get on each others nerves, but at the end of the day you want them best for them, so do your best to be good to each other.