19 Cats And Dogs vs. The World

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Spoiler alert: the dogs and cats win. They always win.


1. Dog vs. Fashion

2. Cat vs. Produce

3. Corgi vs. Corgi vs. Corgi vs. Corgi

4. Cat vs. Cage

5. Puppy vs. Wind

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6. Cat vs. Dog

7. Cat vs. Dog II

8. Dog vs. Adversity

9. Cat vs. His Person Not Being Home Enough

10. Cat vs. Nap

It's a tie.


11. Cat Sleeping vs. Dog Sleeping

12. Cat vs. Photographer

13. Dog vs. Sleepies

14. Cat vs. Book

15. Dog vs. Burger

16. Cat vs. Rebel Yell

He yelled "Meow Meow Meow!"


17. Kitten with three legs vs. Car

18. Dog vs. H2O

19. Dog vs. Human