16 Cats That Are Good At Hiding

You might think these cats are bad at hiding, but you are wrong.

1. We couldn't find her.

2. They only found her because their pillow started purring.

Cat hiding in pillow case
credit: panchobear

3. Hmm. We better clean this bathtub, it has some spots.

Cat hiding behind shower curtain
credit: LambOfPob

4. They're called "blinds" for a reason.

Cat hiding in blinds
credit: DD1234567

5. Oh sorry snake, we are looking for a cat.

Cat hiding under rug
credit: chainerx

6. Excuse me, have you seen a cat?

Cat hiding between curtains
credit: CherylChan

7. "They hate doing laundry. They'll never find me here!"

Cat hiding in laundry basket
credit: acavanaugh

8. Hmmm. I wonder where the cat is.

9. Just hand us that wine in the back there. And don't shut the fridge. No reason.

10. Oh man. The Recycling Inspector is here again.

11. "I saw this in a movie."

12. "They'll never look in a cardboard box!"

Cat hiding in box
credit: lect1

13. Nope. No cats in here.

14. A cat hiding behind the shower curtain you say? Pretty sure we would've seen THAT.

Cat hiding behind shower curtain
credit: FelixDragon

15. It's hard to hide when you're fluffy.

Fluffy cat hiding
credit: detour512

16. He's not bad at hiding, he's a study in contrast.

Black cat hiding behind white pillows
credit: DoyleMcPoyle