18 Cats Having Super Exciting Adventures

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These cats are taking the concept of "outdoor cat" to a whole new level.

1. Listen to that engine purr.

2. A mighty roar!

3. "Get in! The state's largest ball of twine is just seven miles ahead!"

4. On the prowl.

5. This cat looks like he's about to give us a quest to recover lost treasure.

6. "Where them fishies at?"

7. A little rain can't dampen the spirits of a true adventurer.

8. "The fishies... I can smell them..."

9. Always bring an adventuring buddy, especially if they'll carry all your gear.

10. Conquering the urban jungle.

11. She lives for the feeling of the wind in her whiskers.

12. The goggles look ridiculous, but safety is no laughing matter.

13. Catyaking.

14. An expert at finding the path of least wetness.

15. A fledgling adventurer.

16. "The squirrels went that way. Follow me."

17. 10/10 cats are 100% over this Lion King thing.

18. The end of one adventure is just the beginning of another.


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