18 Cats Having Super Exciting Adventures

These cats are taking the concept of "outdoor cat" to a whole new extreme.

1. Listen to that engine purr.

Cat on a motorcycle
credit: Instagram

2. A mighty roar!

Cat meowing on a mountaintop.
credit: Reddit

3. "Get in! The state's largest ball of twine is just seven miles ahead!"

Cat in the back of a camper van.
credit: Reddit

4. On the prowl.

Cat prowling on a mountain
credit: Instagram

5. This cat looks like he's about to give us a quest to recover lost treasure.

Fluffy cat on a leash
credit: Reddit

6. "Where them fishies at?"

7. A little rain can't dampen the spirits of a true adventurer.

Cat in a raincoat
credit: Instagram

8. "The fishies... I can smell them..."

Cat in a tent looking at the ocean
credit: Instagram

9. Always bring an adventuring buddy, especially if they'll carry all your gear.

Cat sitting on top of a dog in the desert at sunset
credit: Instagram

10. Conquering the urban jungle.

Cat on a leash in a city at night
credit: Reddit

11. She lives for the feeling of the wind in her whiskers.

12. The goggles look ridiculous, but safety is no laughing matter.

Cat on a mountain wearing goggles
credit: Reddit

13. Catyaking.

Cat sitting in a kayak
credit: Reddit

14. An expert at finding the path of least wetness.

15. A fledgling adventurer.

Kitten wearing a leash
credit: Instagram

16. "The squirrels went that way. Follow me."

Cat in a forest with one paw outstretched
credit: Reddit

17. 10/10 cats are 100% over this Lion King thing.

Man on a mountain holding up a cat like Simba in The Lion King
credit: Instagram

18. The end of one adventure is just the beginning of another.

Cat in a backpack
credit: Instagram