22 Dogs Who Forgot To Put Their Tongues Away

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Have you heard of a blop? It's that thing where a dog leaves a little bit of its tongue poking out of its mouth (not to be confused with a blep, which is the same thing, but with cats), and it is never not adorable. (Editor's note: there is some debate as to whether a dog's tongue sticking out in this manner is called a "blep" or a "blop." Please feel free to weigh in in the comments.)

1. That "just woke up" feeling.

2. The squishiest blop ever.

3. A long snooted blop.

4. Blopping with the best of them.

5. Probably a powerful blop/snore combo.

6. Taste the rainbow.

7. Blop of the mornin' to you!

8. Sleepy pupper blop.

9. Photobombblop

10. Ahh, warm and cozy blop.

11. Just chilling and blopping, ya know.

giphy embed

12. Nap time blop with bonus puppy fat!

13. "If I do a good blop, can it be dinnertime?"

14. A wee little blop.

15. Teeth? Who needs 'em?

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16. Grumpy old man blop.

17. Dare you not to say "Aww!"

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18. Quadruple blop!

19. Roly poly blop.

20. His favorite game is hide-and-blop.

21. Freshly washed and ready for blops.

22. Blop 'til you drop.