Try Not To Smile At Any Of These 18 Adorable Dogs

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Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Keep your face 100% serious for the next minute. Good luck.

1. He's doing his best.

2. Cutest. Pileup. Ever.

3. Find someone who loves you like this dog loves peanut butter.

4. "Hey, can you throw this?"

5. Standing at attention.

6. "No problem, I will take care of your stick also."

7. Epic zoomies!

8. "This is acceptable."

9. Warning: extreme cuteness below. Use caution.

10. "Now we'll definitely know if she gets up to get food."

11. Best. Customer. Service. Ever.

12. The urge to boop that snoot is overwhelming.

13. We're blown away by how cute this is.

14. "Oh... you're home early."

15. "Is this it? Am I doing it right?"

16. When it's windy enough, you don't even need a car window to stick your head out.

17. "Are you sure I can't come with you?"

18. When you ask them to send their cutest delivery boy, and they do.


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