Try Not To Smile At Any Of These 18 Adorable Dogs

Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Keep your face 100% serious for the next minute. Good luck.

1. He's doing his best.

Dog trying to catch a french fry
credit: Imgur

2. Perfect fit.

3. Find someone who loves you like this dog loves peanut butter.

Dog with a jar of peanut butter in its mouth
credit: Tumblr

4. "Hey, can you throw this?"

5. Standing at attention.

Small white dogs standing on their hind legs
credit: Flickr

6. "No problem, I will take care of your stick also."

Two dogs, one of them holding two sticks
credit: Reddit

7. Epic zoomies!

Two dogs running through a field
credit: Instagram

8. "This is acceptable."

9. Warning: extreme cuteness below. Use caution.

10. "Now we'll definitely know if she gets up to get food."

Two dogs lying directly behind a woman's desk chair
credit: Reddit

11. Best. Customer. Service. Ever.

12. The urge to boop that snoot is overwhelming.

Dog with its tongue poking out
credit: Reddit

13. We're blown away by how cute this is.

14. "Oh... you're home early."

Dog standing on a kitchen table
credit: Reddit

15. "Is this it? Am I doing it right?"

16. When it's windy enough, you don't even need a car window to stick your head out.

Puppy in the wind with its mouth open
credit: Reddit

17. "Are you sure I can't come with you?"

18. When you ask them to send their cutest delivery boy, and they do.

Dog carrying bag of tacos
credit: Reddit