18 Bichon Frises That Look Like Clouds

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Some Bichon Frises are so fluffy, they honestly look like clouds!

1. Whoa! We didn't know you could hold a cloud! Aren't they just vapor?

2. An extremely fluffy little cloud!

3. This cloud certainly won't bring any rainstorms! Just cuteness!

4. This cloud decided to take a nap!

5. Behold this baby cloud!

6. A cloud in a backpack!

7. This cloud is definitely stormy!

8. A cloud who's ready to play!

9. Silly, you don't put a bow on a cloud!

10. A cloud ON a cloud! Amazing!

11. Three clouds are better than one!

12. Cloudy with a chance of Bichon Frises!

13. Cloud grooming on point!

14. A cloud with tongue tricks! BLEP!

15. Resting your head on a cloud is always a good idea!

16. Another sleepy cloud!

17. Clouds in the sky, a cloud on the ground.

18. A cloud or cotton candy? We'll never know.


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