19 Cats All Cozied Up Inside Boxes

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Cats love boxes, that's a fact. We love cats in boxes, that's another fact.

1. The doctor is in and ready to psychoanalyze you.

2. These two look like they're up to something.

3. Even cats love a good beauty haul unboxing.

4. Someone's a little too big for this box!

5. "This is my box. Find your own!"

6. Another case of the box being too small!

7. When you want your human to close the lid and leave you alone.

8. "Help! I'm stuck!"

9. This box could not be more accurate.

10. When you're stuck in a cone, it's comforting to be inside your favorite box.

11. David's Bridal shoeboxes really hit the spot!

12. "Oh...hi."

13. This is the picture of pure bliss!

14. "Leggo my Eggo, please."

15. This is almost like box bunk beds!

16. Nap time!

17. "Oh yeah, this position is everything."

18. If we all fits, we all sits!

19. Technically, this isn't even a box, it's a lid! Cozy, though.


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