20 Dogs Who Can't Possibly Be Comfortable Sleeping Like That

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Dogs: what are their spines made of? Popular theories include rubber, elastic, and Silly Putty, but we may never know for sure.

1. It takes effort to look this silly when you sleep.

2. Can you spot the hidden dog?

3. It's fine, they trade off.

4. The mattress has a few lumps, but she doesn't seem to mind.

6. This picture will make your back hurt just looking at it.

7. We all have that one weird friend.

8. "Gotta make sure my feets don't run away while I'm napping."

9. "Hammocks are for the weak."

10. Why did he take out all those student loans if he was just going to sleep through class?

11. "I'm fine on the floor. Thanks for the cuddle buddy though!"

12. Puppers do their sibling a hecking exclude.

13. The ability to sleep anywhere is a superpower.

14. Just a quick nap, and then back to business.

15. Put your chocolate in the fridge before it melts!

16. The perspective on this one is a little disorienting.

17. Look at those pearly whites.

18. Someone boop that snoot ASAP!

19. Worst road trip buddy ever.

20. "Oh... you're home early."


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