21 Puppies That Are Too Cute To Be Real

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These puppies are so cute that they're going to make you want to cry. It shouldn't be possible, but it is.

1. That little snoot!

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2. Those ears!

3. How many hearts do you think he's stolen already?

4. Happy little sausage.

5. Extra wet kisses, incoming.

6. "Five more minutes?"

7. It just gets cuter every time you watch it.

8. When people say "puppy dog eyes," this is what they mean.

9. "Yes, this is a marshmallow."

10. And.... sploot.

11. Cute eyes, full heart, can't lose.

12. A tad camera shy.

13. Rub! That! Belly!

14. Keep fighting, little buddy.

15. Almost ready for spring training.

16. So many wrinkles to squish!

17. Not to be dramatic, but we would die for this dog.

18. Found the sweet spot.

19. Only a puppy but already carrying sticks at a 12th grade level.

20. Just a couple sleepy puppers.

21. It's all been building to this... the ultimate high five.


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