18 Little Fluffs Who Became Majestic Floofs

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It will be a cold day in heck when we get tired of looking at comparisons of tiny little kittens to their adult cat selves. Please enjoy these 18 examples of the little fluff to majestic floof pipeline.

1. When growing up means glowing up.

2. "If I fits once, I sits always."

3. Snowball to Snow Princess.

4. Rockin' some cute little fingerless gloves.

5. Still such a baby face.

6. Looks like someone made himself comfortable.

7. The tail is like a whole separate cat now.

8. Once a couch potato, always a couch potato.

9. A mighty roar! We are scared.

10. From little nugget to large chonk.

11. Nice of them to get furniture that complements her colors.

12. That mane was worth the wait.

13. I think we're going to need a bigger sink.

14. Get a load of this f l o o f

15. From mini marshmallow to...larger, toasted marshmallow.

16. The first time you see the little red dot versus the five hundredth time you see the little red dot.

17. Once a Ron Perlman lookalike, always a Ron Perlman lookalike.

18. Can you believe this cutie used to be camera shy?

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