16 Dogs Who Fundamentally Don't Understand How Water Works

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Water is the key to all life, and that includes the lives of dogs. Lots of dogs love water—not just to drink, but to splash and play in, too. Some dogs, however, don't understand how to interact with the wet stuff at all. Here are 16 pups who are confused about what to do when faced with drinking fountains, baths, pools, puddles, and more.


1. This dog, who jumped the gun on the whole "paddling" thing.

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2. This dog, who couldn't decide between "looking cool and nonchalant at the pool" and actually swimming.

3. This dog, who didn't understand how fish, docks, or gravity work.

4. This dog, who failed to realize that his path to drink the spraying water would take him directly into the pool.

6. This dog, whose entire shower time demeanor is frankly disconcerting.

7. This dog, who saw the last dog being weird while bathing, and was like "hold my bone."

8. This big dog, who grossly underestimated his pint-sized opponent—and the power of water.

9. This dog, whose last second attempt to bail out on a water slide is both adorably misguided AND extremely epic.

10. This dog, who failed Water Bowls 101.

11. This dog, who definitely underestimated how much space he needs to actually swim.

12. This dog, who may understand water, but definitely doesn't understand glass.

13. This dog, who believes air must be water if he's wearing goggles.

14. This dog, who will NOT be segregated to a separate drinking fountain, tyvm.

15. This dog, whose confusion about how to drink from a bowl could be fatal.

16. This doggo, who was not informed in advance about the other things that live in the water and might wiggle past his paws.