20 Puppies Who Were Very Good At Their First Vet Visit

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The first vet visit is always a little scary, but these puppies were up for the challenge!

1. If you fall asleep at the vet, you know it was a good visit!

2. They bamboozled this puppy with food while giving her a shot!

3. Literally sleeping through the whole exam!

4. These three are so ready for their vaccinations!

5. Dale the Alaskan malamute is not afraid of the vet, no sir!

6. "Okay, kind of scared. Please be gentle!"

7. "So we just take a picture by this sign and leave, right? Right?"

8. Waiting patiently for his turn.

9. "Not so sure about this vet thing, mom..."

10. "The first visit can be tricky, but I'll be a pro in no time!"

11. This tiny maltipoo is Nugget, and his name couldn't be more perfect!

12. Peanut would like to examine the vet table before getting on it, please.

"Can we put a blanket on the cold metal thing?"

13. "So...where's the doctor? I got squirrels to chase and butts to sniff."

14. Buck is being bribed with a motivational treat!

15. The waiting is the hardest part.

16. "Can we go home now?"

17. Clean bill of health for these little guys!

18. Sadie nailed her first vet visit!

19. "I hope I get a treat after this!"

20. Munson wants to know when it'll be time to leave!


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