17 Pictures of Rats Being The Most Adorable Pets

Rats can be wonderful, affectionate pets, and they're really sorry about that whole plague business, so can we just let bygones be bygones?

1. If that isn't the cutest gosh darn thing, what is?

2. Look at this handsome fella!

3. Leland is living the good life.

4. "OMG, tell me everything."

5. Boop.

6. "Don't talk to me, I haven't had my coffee yet."

7. Who are you calling a monster?

8. Super Rat!

9. She hears everything.

10. Perfect cuddle puddle.

11. Even rats know that it's important to stop and smell the flowers.

12. Yeah, we love pasta too.

13. Off on an adventure.

14. Who needs world peace when you've got whirled peas?

15. A mighty roar!

16. Dreaming of something that smells delicious.

17. "Go to Cuteness.com, they've got the best lists."