5 Amazing Cat Trees For Every Cat's Climbing Needs

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

All cat owners know that cats love to climb, and scratch anything and everything. And unless you want your cat climbing all over your curtains and table and scratching your furniture, you'd be wise to purchase a cat tree for your cats to climb "legally" and scratch to their heart's content. Here are 5 of our favorite cat trees for the cat who loves to be up high.


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1. Cat-Life 42-inch Multi-Level Lounger with Play Tree & Bamboo Posts from Penn-Plax

Cat-Life Multi-Level Lounger with Play Tree & Bamboo Posts from Penn-Plax

This cool-looking cat tree with two faux fur loungers features a tropical vibe with bamboo scratching posts and plush scoop seating on top. Complete with fuzzy, interactive, dangling mice to attack and bat around, the 42-inch Cat-Life Multi-Level Lounger Play Tree will be your cat's favorite go-to for a play session, scratching, or a nap in the plush, comfy loungers.


2. AmazonBasics 50-inch Cat Tree with Platform and Step Ladder

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

Satisfy your cat's urge to scratch and climb with the AmazonBasics Cat Tree, a deluxe playground for your cat at an affordable price. Constructed with natural jute fiber and plush carpeting, this purrfectly functional and fun 50-inch tall cat tree will quickly become your cat's favorite spot for hanging out. Give your cat his own special retreat with this durable, high-quality cat tree.


3. Gymax Large 102.5-inch Cat Tree Multilevel Activity Tower Condo W/ Hammock Scratching Post Ropes

Gymax Large Cat Tree Multilevel Activity Tower Condo W/Hammock Scratching Post Ropes

This multilevel, double Gymax Cat Tree tower is brimming with interactive toys, multiple climbing platforms, and natural sisal posts for non-stop scratching fun. This huge 102.5-inch cat tree is decked out with dangling balls, rope ties, a hammock, baskets, observation decks, and a couple of cozy condos, and features lots of amazing nooks and crannies to jump, climb, play, and hide keeping your cat active and entertained for hours.



4. Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Base 48-inch Cat Tree

Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Base

Eye-catching and elegant, the V-High Base Cat Tree by Vesper is a stunning piece of furniture to satisfy the aesthetics of any cat lover while offering the cat or cats of the house a scratching, playing, and napping paradise. With its cool observation deck and sisal-covered scratching poles to the rear-exit cube cave with cozy padded memory-foam cushioned bed inside, the 48-inch tall Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree is the ultimate kitty hangout.


5. FEANDREA 67-inch Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches

Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

The ultimate luxury for large cats and cuddly kittens, too, the attractive smoky gray and cream Feandra Multi-Level Cat Playhouse is perfect for multiple-cat households with its many play and nap stations. This beautiful cat tree includes two roomy condos for cat naps, three plush perches for your cats to oversee their kingdom and a sisal-covered slope for running up and down and lots of scratching fun. Well-constructed and sturdy, the 67-inch tall Feandra is the cat's meow!


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