18 Pets Having Epic Adventures

Don't bother taking them to the park. They've been there, done that.

1. King of the hill.

Dog on a mountainside.
credit: Reddit

2. Mountaintop selfie.

Cat on a mountain
credit: Instagram

3. "Who's prettier, me or the clouds?"

Dog on a mountain
credit: Reddit

4. Captain and first mate at your service.

Dog and kitten on a small boat
credit: Instagram

5. A little snow never bothered him none.

Cat walking in the snow
credit: Reddit

6. "Professional explorers at your service!"

Dog and cat wearing snow hats
credit: Instagram

7. 🎶 "I'm swimmin' in the rain, just swimmin' in the rain!" 🎶

8. Enjoying a bit of snow before heading south for the winter.

Two dogs on a snow-covered mountain
credit: Reddit

9. Taking in the day.

Cat watching the sunrise
credit: Reddit

10. What's just around the river bend? Is it a stick?

Dog running through a river
credit: Reddit

11. Sunset is nature's best TV show.

Two cats watching the sunset from inside a tent
credit: Instagram

12. Kayaking with a cat: catyaking or kaycating?

Cat in a kayak
credit: Reddit

13. Natural camouflage.

Reddish/tan dog next to reddish/tan rock formation
credit: Imgur

14. On a clear day, you can see forever.

Dog and cat posing in the snow.
credit: Instagram

15. On a cloudy day, you can still see pretty well, if you've got a tall enough tree.

Kitten in a tree
credit: Reddit

16. The mountains, they has a flavor.

Dog eating grass on a hillside
credit: Reddit

17. Sorry, live action remakes, you can't top the real thing.

Cat on a rock formation
credit: Instagram

18. Pure bliss.

Dog posing next to a river
credit: Reddit