18 Pets Having Epic Adventures

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Don't bother taking them to the park. They've been there, done that.

1. King of the hill.

Video of the Day

2. Mountaintop selfie.

3. "Who's prettier, me or the clouds?"

4. Captain and first mate at your service.

5. A little snow never bothered him none.

6. "Professional explorers at your service!"

7. 🎶 "I'm swimmin' in the rain, just swimmin' in the rain!" 🎶

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8. Enjoying a bit of snow before heading south for the winter.

9. Taking in the day.

10. What's just around the river bend? Is it a stick?

11. Sunset is nature's best TV show.

12. Kayaking with a cat: catyaking or kaycating?

13. Natural camouflage.

14. On a clear day, you can see forever.

15. On a cloudy day, you can still see pretty well, if you've got a tall enough tree.

16. The mountains, they has a flavor.

17. Sorry, live action remakes, you can't top the real thing.

18. Pure bliss.


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