17 Dogs You'll Be Glad You Saw Today

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After exhaustive research, we have concluded that the following dogs are some of the best dogs ever. Granted, we believe that most dogs are the best dogs ever, but we're really sure about these ones in particular.

1. This face could melt the coldest heart.

2. "Am I a pretty tree?"

giphy embed

3. "My golden retriever brings me socks as gifts to convince me to get out of bed in the morning" - u/katydid111

4. "More, please."

giphy embed

5. "For me?"

6. High five!

giphy embed

7. Oh my!

8. This dog has life all figured out.

giphy embed

9. He's huge!

10. Brain freeze incoming

giphy embed

11. "I don't know this monkey."

12. "Friend?"

giphy embed

13. "Here is one of my dogs comforting her sister during a storm." - u/lauface

14. "Do you have a moment?"

giphy embed


16. s l u r p

giphy embed

17. Yum, toast!


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