17 Kittens Hanging Out In Pockets

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These kitties have found the best spots to get cozy while keeping an eye on their human.

1. "I have defeated the pocket lint!"

2. Professional chefs keep ginger close at hand in the kitchen.

3. Now you're thinking with portals.

4. Rawr!

5. Time for a snooze.

6. He's pulling a reverse pickpocket.

7. Surprise!

8. Hopefully this will keep her out of trouble.

9. Illegally adorable.

giphy embed

10. A very portable floof.

11. Front row seat!

12. Moral support.

13. The vet has a new assistant.

14. Deep ZZZs

15. Those eyes!

16. A purrfect fit.

17. Ready for adventure!


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