17 Dogs Rub A Dub Dub Relaxin' In The Tub

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Bath time is always a rad time!

1. Can't have a bath without a fluffy white towel!

2. Bubble baths are on another level!

3. That feeling when you're jealous you're not in the bath.

4. A sink can double as a tub, no problem!

5. Not everyone enjoys a bath, unfortunately.

6. "I live here now."

7. This face screams "are we done yet?"

8. Patiently waiting for the suds.

9. Sometimes, we plan our escape from the tub. But without success.

10. Big smiles for bath time!

11. Group bath time is highly underrated.

12. "More bubbles, please!"

13. Someone is not pleased!

14. Gotta approve the shampoo first.

15. "That was fun, but let me out, please!"

16. Feeling bamboozled with bath time.

17. "This bath thing isn't so bad after all."


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