17 Dogs Gazing Longingly At Food

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Dogs are simple creatures. Mostly they just want food, love, food, walks, and food.

1. "Do you need me to help with that?"

2. Constant vigilance.

3. "Very pretty. Can we eat it now?"

4. "Every morning…"

5. "Hey... is that chicken?"

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6. Do you dare?

7. Made for each other.

8. Just a nibble.

9. "Raw? What is this 'raw' you speak of?"

10. "Why you light food on fire though?"

11. That little lick lip...

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12. Hongry blep

13. "That's a nice cheesy toast you have there."

14. This sushi comes with a window for admiring.

15. "Hawaiian pizza with a side of jealous beagle"

16. "PLEASE"

17. So patient.


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