Cuteness Picks: The 8 Best Dog Toys For Outdoor Play

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Warm(er) weather is coming (fingers crossed, we hope). From the backyard to the beach, win the spring and summer with 7 of our favorite outdoor toys for pups of all ages.

1. EXPAWLORER Dog Fence Window

fence bubble window for dogs
Doggos can have a little peek, as a treat
credit: Amazon

Put the kibosh on excess barking with the EXPAWLORER Dog Fence Window, which can be installed in any wooden or vinyl fence. At 12.4" in diameter and 5" deep, the bubble-shaped design indulges your dog's curiosity and curbs attempts to squirm under the base (or jump over the top). Remember: It's always best when neighbors see can actually see eye-to-eye.

2. KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy

dog retrieves KONG wet wubba fetch toy
credit: Amazon

With warmer weather comes day trips to the river or beach. Give your pup a toy that can stand up to hours of play in the water with the KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy. Blanketed in neoprene, the two-ball, four-tail construction doubles as both a tug and toss toy. Even better, it floats on water and comes in one of three easy-to-see colors so it won't go MIA at the end of a long day under the summer sun.

3. Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer Dog Toy

donut frisbee for dogs
credit: Chewy

Make fetch happen with the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer. Made of lightweight thermoplastic rubber, the ring-shaped frisbee will have your fur pal jumping for joy as they leap through the air to catch and retrieve it.

4. Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool

inflatable pool for dogs
credit: Chewy

No invite to a pool party? No problem! Make your own splash with the Alcott Inflatable Dog Pool. Built using a durable PVC material, it can handle all sorts of abuse from paws and claws. The pool blows up to a diameter of 4 feet — ideal for all but the largest breeds — and offers low sides for easy entry and egress.

5. Outward Hound ZipZoom Outdoor Dog Agility Training for Dogs

dogs runs between agility poles
credit: Amazon

Put your four-legged friend's dexterity and acuity to the test with the Outward Hound ZipZoom Outdoor Dog Agility Training Kit. Complete with a jump bar, tunnel, weave poles, and instruction booklet, the 34-piece set encourages healthy exercise, boosts doggie I.Q., and deepens the bond between human and pet. With easy set-up and breakdown, it can also add a extra dose of excitement to a day at the dog park.

6. Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls Dog Toy

pressureless tennis balls for dogs
credit: Chewy

When we say this next toy comes with no pressure, we mean it — LITERALLY! Unlike normal tennis balls, these bouncing orbs from Tourna won't go flat or lose their bounce over time. Because more fetch = more fun! Sold in counts of 18 and 45 (great for multi-dog homes), the Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls Dog Toy comes in their own mesh tote for easy storage and transport.

7. Hyper Pet Launcher Dog Toy

tennis ball slingshot fetch toy for dogs
credit: Amazon

The only thing better than throwing tennis balls for your dog to track down is using something to chuck them further than your shoulder will bear. Enter the Hyper Pet Launcher Dog Toy, a slingshot-like device made from high-quality steel. Great for exercise and fun, it also offers hand-free pick up to keep the slobber off your fingers.

8. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

Shoot to thrill with the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy. Available in 2 sizes, it launches balls up to 50 feet via an adjustable handle. Hands-free loading keeps the trigger clean of drool so you and your pup can hit fun right in the bullseye.

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