17 Cool Dogs Taking a Dip in Cool Pools

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It's almost spring! That means warmer temps! It also means dogs will be taking a dip in the pool. And nobody deserves it more.

1. A serious boy in a serious pool.

2. 10 out of 10, what a perfect dive!

3. Swimming is always better with a pal.

4. "I could chase this ball all day."

5. That is one lucky pup in a fancy pool!

6. The race is ON!

7. Hmm, this pool might be a tad too small.

8. It's not proper pool time without a floatie.

9. "Can I get out now?"

10. This pool may be small, but someone's making the most of it!

11. Sunbathing in clear blue waters—that's the life.

12. "You mean I have to go all the way in there?"

13. Picture perfect.

14. That feel when your humans force you into a tiny pool and expect you to play.

15. Sometimes you need a helping hand!

16. Pool pawty of one.

17. Doggy paddle on point.


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