18 Dogs Going On A Heckin Good Car Ride

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Pretty sure there's not a dog alive who doesn't love a car ride. Fresh air, wind in your snout, and lots to see— it's such a treat! Unless you're going to the vet, of course!

1. So happy to go for a drive!

2. The outside is always so exciting!

3. Gotta see all the sights!

4. Nothing like some wind in your snout!

5. Beep! Beep!

6. Some of us like to travel in style.

7. There's no going back once you've discovered the sunroof!

8. "Get in, we're going shopping!"

9. Honk! Time for a Target run!

10. It's so nice to have a travel buddy!

11. Hangin' out!

12. Ready with directions whenever you need them!

13. Zoom, zoom!

14. This object in the mirror is cuter than he appears!

15. Joyrides are always more fun with a pal!

16. Nothing beats being behind the wheel!

17. Sometimes it's just cozier in the back.

18. Riding off into the sunset...


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