Cuteness Picks: 7 Interactive Toys That Will Keep Your Cats Occupied While You Work From Home

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Cuteness may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.

It's simple: Either find something for your cats to do or they'll find something to do. Like occupy your keyboard.

Here then are 7 interactive toys to keep them busy while you telecommute from home in your pajamas and bunny slippers.

1. SmartyKat Loco Motion Electronic Cat Toy

SmartyKat Loco Motion Electronic Cat Toy

Stoke your cat's stalking and hunting skills with the SmartyKat Loco Motion Electronic Cat Toy. Featuring push-button activation (sounds fun just typing it, no?) and adjustable speed control, the pendulum-like design rocks back-and-forth for up to two hours and is tipped with all-natural undyed feathers that kitteh will find irresistible.

Available at Amazon.

Petlinks Twinkle Chute Lighted Tunnel Cat Toy

Cats love twinkly lights, that's a fact. Cats love tubes and tunnels, that's another fact. Bring the two together with Petlinks Twinkle Chute Lighted Tunnel Cat Toy. The crinkly construction is audio catnip guaranteed to pique their bottomless curiosity, while the touch-activated blinkers will trip the light fantastic in your pet's tiny pea-sized brain. Rounding out the design, rather literally, is a peak-a-boo porthole for games of hides and seek. Trust us, your Instagram will thank you later.

Available at Amazon.

3. Rowdy Raccoon Plush Electronic Sound Cat Toy

Boasting a touch-activated chirp and catnip infusion, this raccoon plush will immediately entice your floof into hours and hours of pouncing, swatting, stalking, and hunting. And when playtime is over, kitty will have a new BFF to get their snugs on with.

Available at Amazon.

4. Interactive Tumbler Laser Cat Toy

Tired: Regular old tumbler toys. Wired: Tumblers with frickin' laser beams. Stimulation overload awaits with this 2-in-1 interactive tumbler laser cat toy that sports 360 degree motion, 4 speeds, and adjustable circling patterns and sizes. It also claims to be untippable, to which your fur pal will probably say: "Challenge accepted."

Available at Amazon.

5. Swimming Robot Fish Toy For Cats

Swimming Robot Fish Toy For Cats

Put a new twist on catfishing with the Swimming Robot Fish Toy For Cats. Included are a set of four fishies with robotic fins and flashing LED's that automatically turn on when placed in water. Add to any bowl, sink, or bathtub and your cats will come a-running. Helps burn off stress and nurture their stalking instincts.

Available at Amazon.

6. Towers Tracks Roller Cat Toys

Constructed from tear-resistant plastic and lined with a no-slip base, this stackable Tower Tracks Roller Cat Toy is perfect for multi-cat households. Stackable trays housing bell balls let you customize the fun while providing a healthy outlet for your fur friends to burn off some pent-up energy that they might otherwise use to more nefarious ends. In addition to providing hours of playtime, it also alleviates boredom and loneliness. Finished in fun pastel shades that lighten up any room.

Available at Amazon.

7. OurPets Catty Whack Electronic Motion Cat Toy

Designed to encourage independent play like Netflix encourages solo bingeing — pounce & chill, anyone? — the Catty Whack Electronic Motion Cat Toy is an unpredictable game of hide-and-seek that will challenge kitty all day long. Ringing the sides are 6 mouse holes out of which pops a feather; on the top is a scratch pad for daily claw and paw grooming. A toy that stimulates hunting instincts and promotes self-care? Go ahead and take our moolah.

Available at Amazon.

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