12 Dogs & Cats Crossing Their Paws To Soothe You

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In these dark and uncertain times, one thing that never fails to keep spirits high is pet pics from total internet strangers. Some of the highest quality pet photos are cats and dogs crossing their legs — a classic pose known as "polite paws." If you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Yes, the world is scary right now. But these very distinguished boys and girls want to soothe and inspire you to stay positive. We're all in this together, fur babies and their humans alike:

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Pebbles is the perfect image of politeness

2. Scarlett Elizabeth O’Hara Sparks puts her polite paws on full display

3. Perches purrfectly atop a suitcase

4. Now that's one polite pooch. Look at those legs!

5. Snooooozy polite paws, please do not disturb

6. Omg, they're crossing each other's paws and my brain cannot handle this

7. Queso is the king of polite paws — just look at that technique!

8. 10/10 paws here, great stuff

9. A very relaxed kitty indeed

10. Harry wants you to know he has polite paws, but don't mess with him — check out those little talons!

11. The coziest little polite kitty in the world

12. Luna wants you to know everything's going to be okay. Trust her.