24 Dogs Who Are Totally Oblivious the Cats They Live With Hate Them

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Dogs are known as man's best friend, but anyone who's ever met a dog knows that most of them really just want to be everything's best friend. For some dogs, this burning desire for mass friendship extends to beings that tolerate them at best—and literally despise them at worst. When these kinds of pups live with cats who are not interested in forging cross-species bonds, well, the results are adorably hilarious. Here, for your scrolling enjoyment, are 24 dogs who are totally oblivious that the cats they live with hate them.

1. This Good Boy, who just wants to play—and seems to have zero inclination that his cat BFF does not. And also isn't his BFF. At all.

2. This dog, who doesn't know a Sith Lord when he sees one.

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3. This chill AF pup who doesn't seem to realize he's being actively hissed at.

4. This pupper, who just can't take a hint.

5. This doggo who pulled off the world's most awkward, unreciprocated shoulder pat with his feline "friend."

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6. This sweet little fluff nugget who doesn't realize someone in his own home is plotting his murder as we speak.

7. This big boy who got blitzed by a seemingly-harmless kitten.

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8. This pup, who shared his bed with a cat only to be left in the "Never-Gonna-Be-Friends" Zone.

9. This dog, whose feline frenemy has gone high-tech with her hatred.

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10. This dog, who just played a high stakes game of scratch and sniff—as in he sniffed and the cat immediately scratched.

11. This pupper, who just wanted a kiss and got repeatedly punched in the face instead.

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12. This dog, whose cat roommate escalated things to Guerrilla warfare while he was minding his own business.

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13. And this one, who saw the last cat's Guerrilla tactics and was like "hold my catnip."

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14. This fluffy pup, who seems to think that the cat would want to play if only she could hear or see or, you know, otherwise perceive him in any way.

15. This doggo, who looks at his would-be BFF with pure love while she looks literally anywhere else.

16. This tiny puppy, who is just too young to understand the cruel ways of the world.

17. This dog, who thought he could win his favorite cat's love if he started when she was a kitten and was...wrong.

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18. This dog, who just wanted to chill in the living room with his cat bud and ended up on the receiving end of a humiliating slapathon instead.

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19. This furbaby, who is not in the relationship he thinks he's in with this cat.

20. This dog, who naively thought it was safe to sleep in his own home.

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21. This doggo, who lives with a cat who hates everything about him. And about having pictures taken. And probably about life in general.

22. This energetic little doggo, who is determined to be seen and loved back...even though the cat he lives with seems pretty committed to having none of his nonsense.

23. This good boy, who seems to think that a fast approach is the key to a fast friendship.

24. This very calm doggo, who doesn't even seem to notice when he's being attacked.

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Never change, dogs. Never. Change.