33 Pets Keeping You Company While You Work From Home

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The world feels a little overwhelming right now. With social distancing measures in effect due to the recent outbreak, folks are staying home in an effort to keep themselves and others safe.

While not everyone has the privilege of working from home, we wanted to shed a little bit of light on an otherwise dark situation: a lot of pets are more than happy to help their humans get acclimated to their new remote work conditions. They may not be the most diligent co-workers, but CFOs — Chief Fluff Officers — provide invaluable emotional support.


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We wanted to round up some of the very best boys and girls keeping us company in our makeshift home offices. May they give you comfort no matter where you are in the world.

1. Major Tom, providing much-needed tech support

2. Running lines, because the thespian life doesn't stop. And who's more dramatic than a cat?

3. "Where's that status report on my belly rubs?"

4. Office manager and intern, making sure everything is up to snuff

5. Purrformance Manager, taking care of emails

6. Spencer the intern just woke up from a nap. (We'll let it slide this time.)

7. Heidi wants to know if where the office snacks are —and also, if you can give her one

8. The new office receptionist seems friendly!

9. Butter wants to know if you'll endorse her on LinkedIn for being a Good Girl. (Of course you will.)

10. Luna is working overtime on being both loving AND adorable

11. Buddy is a seasoned social media meownager

12. Sadie is hard at work making biscuits. Everyone deserves a little treat at work, right?

13. Someone got caught sleeping on the job — and isn't even ashamed about it

14. "You know, you should really download Grammarly, because you've got a lot of typos in here."

15. What's better than having a personal chef to cook for you while you work?

16. Talia totally forgot to prepare an agenda for today's meeting — but she's cute, so you'll forgive her

17. Daisy, CEO of Slumber

18. Just making sure you're staying on task

19. Now THIS inspires productivity

20. Pinto Bean found that file you've been looking for

21. Training the new office assistant on video conferencing

22. Ivy wants you to know you're doing a great job

23. Fitz is testing the blankets for quality control

24. Two editors, hard at work

25. Hildeboss thinks you deserve a break

26. New project manager, planning some events

27. Coco deserves employee of the month

28. Talk about micromanaging!

29. Molly kindly reminding you to stay hydrated

30. Uli is working hard on becoming a croissant

31. Bodhi's main job is to stare lovingly into your eyes. So far, doing great

32. Have you met Chile, the new CEO?

33. They deserve a raise

Check out the rest of this thread for more helpful co-workers! And for some less-than-helpful coworksrs, check out these 17 pets who absolutely will not let you get any work done!


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