18 Truly Happy Puppers

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Whatever the secret is to a life of happiness, these dogs have it figured out.

1. Just enjoying the sunshine.

2. Ahh, nothing like the breeze in your fur.

3. The beginnings of Mount Pupmore

4. Look at that smile!

5. Stick goals.

6. Tummy rubs are the best.

7. Such a sweet smile.

8. Suns out, smiles out.

9. Before and after being told she's a good girl.

10. TFW you're a good boy and you know it.

11. This fluffy pupper just wants to brighten your day.

12. Total relaxation.

13. Have you ever seen a happier pup?

14. A very polite good boy.

15. Splish splash

16. The picture of contentment.

17. Enjoying the view.

18. Spring style.


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