Just 19 Dogs Enjoying the Great Outdoors

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It doesn't take much to make a dog happy. Some stuff to sniff, a stick to chew, maybe somewhere sunny to take a nap — all things that can be conveniently found outside!

1. Spring fashion.

2. Big smile!

3. Staying classy.

4. Enjoying the sun and the shine.

5. The beach is filled with treasures.

6. Soaking up some rays.

7. A dirty dog is a happy dog.

8. Blending in.

9. Majestic!

10. Nothing like the feeling of sand between your toesies.

11. So gorgeous.

12. An attack of the zoomies.

13. "My dog always leads me to the best viewpoints on our hikes together :)"

14. Perfect spot for a rest!

15. Long snoot made for sniffing.

16. So many smells to smell!

17. Perfection.

18. Time for a break.

19. Contemplating the descent.


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