18 Dogs on Camping Trips

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Camping is IN-TENTS. But dogs love it. And they happen to look so cute doing it. Enjoy these adorable dogs ready for adventuring with their humans.

1. Enjoying the view.

2. Taking a moment to himself.

3. Bundled up.

4. "Comfier than I expected!"

5. Ready for adventures.

6. "This camping chair is just right."

7. "Let me back in!"

8. Campfires are so cozy.

9. Chillin' in their own tent.

10. Need a snooze after a long day of adventuring.

11. Do not disturb.

12. Hiking is so much fun and such good exercise!

13. It's adventure time!

14. "Get me out of here!"

15. Ready for a hike!

16. What a zen moment.

17. Literally ready for anything!

18. "Let me light this bonfire, please."

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