17 Dogs Looking Cool in Sunglasses

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Humans think they look pretty cool in sunglasses, but have they ever seen dogs in sunglasses? Checkmate.

1. Making this whole cute thing look easy.

2. "What's up?"

3. Stylin' and profilin'.

4. Not the most practical sunglasses, but they work.

5. "What you lookin' at?"

6. Vogue cover-worthy.

7. Just chillin'.

8. Reflective sunnies are always in style.

9. Cool as a cucumber.

10. It's pawty time.

11. Bad to the bone.

12. Ice cream cone sunglasses are a flex.

13. Cooler than Frank Sinatra.

14. Cocktail, check. Watermelon shirt, check. Sunnies, check.

15. Flower power.

16. Ready for a day out on the town.

17. Pretty in pink. Always.

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