Turtles & Tortoises in "Costumes" Are Our New Obsession

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Costumes: not just for Halloween, ESPECIALLY when you look as cute as these turtles and tortoises!

1. This costume is OUT OF THIS WORLD (c'mon, I had to.)

2. A tortoise that's as cute as a bug (AHHH I DID IT AGAIN!)

3. All eyes on this stunning design (I... I am sorry.)


5. "The name's Tortoise...Cute Tortoise. "

6. Every day is Cinco De Mayo for this lil fella.

7. The most festive little buddy I've ever seen.

8. Legit looks like a real dino, don't @ me

9. Four score and seven years ago...

10. Ten points to Gryffindor!

11. I mean this is just straight up beautiful.

12. Finally, a spider I'm not afraid of!

13. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALLLLL because they're so cute

14. *cues Ride Of The Valkyries"



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