16 of The Cutest Little Piggies on The Internet

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Step aside, cats. We're strictly cooing about pigs today.

1. This little piggy went to market.

2. Pool party!

3. Ball is life.

4. A mischievous smile.

5. Blep

6. Scrubby scrubby

7. Contented piggy

8. Rub a dub dub, pigs in a tub.

9. Appreciating the earth.

10. Zoomies!

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11. Snoozwich.

12. When they say "Who's a good piggy?" and you already know it's you.

13. The perfect pillow.

14. Give this pig whatever it wants.

15. You can almost hear the cute little grunts and squeaks.

16. When pigs fly.