18 Extremely Fluffy Cats for Your Enjoyment

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Cats: the fluffier, the better. Right? Right.

1. Just call him Mr. Fluffykins.

2. It ain't easy being fluffy.

3. The fluff got away with him.

4. All fluffed up with nowhere to go.

5. Living la vida fluffy.

6. To fluff or not to fluff? That is the question.

7. If you fluff me up, I'll never stop.

8. It's fluff-tastic.

9. Life is fluffy-ful.

10. I didn't choose the fluff life; the fluff life chose me.

11. Every day I'm fluffin'.

12. It gets tiring being this fluffy.

13. Fluffy or grumpy? You decide.

14. Sometimes I wonder: Am I fluffy enough?

15. Little Fluffs need love too.

16. Can I BE any fluffier?

17. Stop trying to make fluff happen. It's not gonna happen.

18. All fluffed out!


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