Please Enjoy These 20 Pics of Perfectly Pink Kitty Toe Beans

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We love the little pads on a cat's paws, aka toe beans. They're soft and pink and squishy, right up until the claws come out. Then they're still soft and pink and squishy, but must be admired from afar.

1. "My beans, let me show you them."

2. High contrast beans.

3. Gotta keep those beans clean!

giphy embed

4. Tufted beans.

5. Squish the beans. Do it. You know you want to.

6. There's no such thing as perfect beans --

7. "Why is the door closed??" beans

8. Sleepy beans

9. Rainbow beans

10. Undecided beans.

11. Bunch of bonus beans

12. "Hey! Quit filming my beans!"

giphy embed

13. Peek-a-bean.

14. Make your paws stand out with a complementary accent bean.

15. Hover beans.

16. These beans come with a target for squishing.


18. Snuggly beans.

19. Sunny summer beans.

20. Look at these beans! LOOK AT THEM!


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