18 Pictures of Dogs Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

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These carefully curated, hand-selected, artisanal dog photos are sure to bring a smile to your face.

1. A work of art. The painting is nice too.

2. "It's my favorite book: Harry Pawter and the Half Bloodhound."

3. Like mother, like son.

4. Just happy to be here!

5. Heyyy, macarena!

6. Less of a blep, more of a blorp.

7. "I am the fastest dog alive!" "I am also the fastest dog alive!"

8. "Oh... you're home early."

9. Timing is everything.

10. The creature from the lake.

11. Doggo is druggo.

12. Puppy Longstocking

13. No spine, no problem.

14. Please keep your bulldogs at room temperature to avoid melting.

15. Too pure for this world.

16. PSA - Pupper Service Announcement

17. Majestic beast.

18. The best spot in the house.


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