15 of the Laziest Cats The World Has Ever Seen

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These cats just cannot be bothered. Don't even try.

1. "Office hours are over, kid."

2. 2 LAZY 4 BATH

3. "Can't... handle... tucking... tongue in..."

4. Every day's an island vacation for this kitty.

5. Almost made it up there! So, uh, close.

6. "Wake me up at half past May."

7. Too busy relaxing to mind you playin' with ma beans.

8. "Alert me when, and ONLY when, it is time for dinner."

9. Hooman hands are better as bed.

10. Just barely made it into the bed before passouts.

11. Too gosh darned lazy to even close his eyes if you can believe it!

12. I mean with the lil' paws crossed?!?! C'mon.

13. This is actually a Guard Cat being very, very bad at his job.

14. Cat couldn't even heckin' finish rolling over.

15. The pinnacle of sloth.


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