26 Dogs Peeking at You Through Fences

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Won't you please, please, pretty please come over here? They're waiting oh-so-patiently.

1. "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

2. "You're not fixing the fence already, are you?"

3. Sunning the snoot.

4. "Have you seen our ball?"

5. Neighborhood watch.

6. "Can I come over?"

7. "Move over, it's my turn."

8. When there's a hole and you need to pug it up.


10. "We heard you had snackos?"

11. Nosy neighbor.

12. "The grass is greener on your side."

13. Seems like a pretty visible fence, but OK.

14. The fortress is secure.

15. "Can I interest in you a seasonal squash?"

16. Fort Dogg operates on a strict system of treat bartering.

17. Blep.

18. A ray of sunshine.

19. "What news from the outside world?"

20. Hole in the fence, or teleportation accident?

21. This muppet just wants to be friends.

22. "Who goes there?"

23. Gossiping about the new dog on the block.

24. "Looks like our invite to the barbecue got lost in the mail."

25. "Let me in?"

26. "Heeeere's doggy!"


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