13 Pets Having an Encounter With The Supernatural

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It's no secret that pets have a sixth sense for the spooky. That knack for staring into space or barking at nothing can be a little unsettling.

1. "There's someone upstairs."

2. "It's safe in here."

3. When they sit like this staring at nothing for two minutes...

4. To hunt the spirits, you must become the spirits.

5. "Basement? No heckin' way we're going down there!"

6. "I hear them."

7. Saw a bug? Saw a ghost?

8. "Try to catch me now, ghosties!"

9. Very brief possession.

10. Don't turn around.

11. "Mom, there's something under my bed."

12. Target acquired.

13. "The call was coming from... inside the house!"


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