16 Dogs With The Cutest Ponytails

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Sometimes, when your hair gets in your face, you gotta put it into a ponytail. Nobody understands that like these dogs.

1. Dog hair, don't care.

2. Pigtails are adorable on anyone.

3. Fluffy and floofy.

4. You couldn't have done better with my look?

5. I love my new hairstyle. Promise.

6. So tired from hair drama.

7. I'm not really into this style, to be honest.

8. Thanks, but I wanted a little more off the top.

9. Hmm...I guess I like it.

10. Feeling stylish, looking cute.

11. Next time, I do your hair.

12. Are you sure this is the latest style?

13. Not convinced baby blue is my color.

14. Looking so fancy.

15. I'm not happy with this, but I'll let it slide.

16. I feel pretty, oh so pretty.